Water Saving Landscaping Tips – Set Up a Thriving Garden in an Arid Environment

Water saving has become an issue of paramount importance especially in dry areas. In arid and semi-arid climates, landscaping can be one of the biggest concerns as a result of water shortages. Fortunately, there are ways you can tip the odds in your favor:


  • Try using plants chosen specifically for arid landscapes. These plants use up less water, so you don’t have to water them nearly as often as common garden plants and flowers. Despite this fact, they can still be quite colorful.
  • Use more rocks, pebbles, dried wood, sand and gravel. You can create a beautiful landscape without even having to use plants and trees in certain areas of your yard. Set up a rock garden, or make your landscape look like a desert oasis. The possibilities are endless with the help of landscaping Denver professionals.
  • You can also try artificial grass and plants. Even though most people might think this course of action would make your garden look fake and unusual, there are actually many artificial props that can mimic herbs, flowers and lawns beautifully – almost fooling you into believing that it’s the real deal.
  • Set up a smart irrigation system, and water your plants sparingly just at the right time. For instance, making sure you water all your plants and grasses in the morning, when the summer sun is less powerful, will ensure that most of the water actually reaches their roots.


These tips should give you a head start in creating your own water saving garden. Despite using less water, you’ll find your yard will look better than ever, and your garden will be the talk of the neighborhood.