What Are the Top Trendiest Colors You Should Consider for Your Colorado Home?

There are many great choices for changing the color of your home’s exterior. Regardless of whether you’re using siding, paint or other types of materials, changing to a new color can be one of the most exciting aspects of owning a Colorado home.  It’s best to ask the advice of Denver painters experienced with the home’s exterior.

In Colorado there are a few color options that are considered by homeowners above all others. These are the following:


  • Sage: What better to use on the exterior of a home in the rich, green areas around Denver and Colorado Springs than a natural sage green? Blending in beautifully with the trees, beautiful green landscapes and stone or concrete landscaping, sage can be the perfect color for your home, whether you’re actually “going green” or not.
  • Gray: For those interested in upholding a more modern look, while still keeping their homes in line with the appearance of the local landscape, a pale gray is also a great choice.
  • Crimson: Brick colored homes are beautiful when set against a warmer landscaping background. It can be perfect especially if most of the homes in your neighborhood use warmer colors, and you have an arid-climate garden and trees.
  • Blue: You’ll find blue to always be a great choice in Colorado, as it evokes peace and serenity, while also drawing just the right amount of attention. Sky blue and navy are always a good choice, and pairing the color with white or light gray elements can be even better.