The Most Popular Colors to Consider Painting Your Colorado Home

Color Options For Home Exterior

Areas like Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder are well-known for being extremely family-friendly and hospitable. As a result, it stands to reason that the homes will look more inviting than anywhere else, and that’s exactly how it is. So if you plan on moving to Colorado, it’s important to keep this in mind, along with the rest of the tips we have for helping you choose the ideal colors for painting your new Colorado home:


  1. If you’re not big on self-expression, and you want to keep a low profile, simply consider some of the safer colors preferred by Colorado homeowners. Taupe is a natural gray that helps you do just that, and that can also be contrasted by brighter red accents, if you want to choose something a little more imposing.
  2. Blue is always a great choice for a Colorado home. Virtually all shades of blue are welcome in Colorado, and the serenity that an ocean turquoise, sky blue or grayish light blue will bring to the neighborhood is likely to delight most of your neighbors.
  3. In cities like Denver, which are situated well above sea level, and are considered mountain towns, sage is one of the best choices you can make. Sage is a natural color that fits in perfectly with Denver’s many trees and green areas, conveying a state of calm and earthly balance that’s perfect for a happy family home. If you need house painting Denver has wonderful services to help get the job done.