The Importance of Roofing Ventilation in Summer

Ventilation Systems Consist of Soffits or Fascias

Proper, balanced roofing ventilation is essential for the health and the comfort of your entire house – without adequate ventilation, your roof, your attic as well as your home interior will soon start suffering from problems caused by high humidity and improper thermal exchange.

Roofing ventilation systems consist of soffits or fascias and eaves on the air intake side that lets cool and fresh air enter the area underneath the roof and of an exhaust side through which moisture and hot air leaves. While the health of the roof ventilation system is important the year around, it becomes crucial in the hot summer months, when the build-up of excessive moisture and heat can make the interior of the home uncomfortably humid, it can increase the amount of energy necessary to cool your home, thus increasing your heating bills and it can also cause severe damage to the shingles on your roof, to the wood components under the topmost layer of the roof as well as to the siding that covers your exterior walls.  The roofing companies Denver hosts are well trained and can make sure your home’s roof ventilation is installed correctly.

If you notice excessive moisture in your rooms, if your home gets too hot even though you have the air conditioner turned high, if you see signs of water damage underneath your roof, check the components of your roofing ventilation system right away or call a roofing expert to inspect your roof and to recommend repairs or modifications.