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Service Location: Aurora

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At Monarch Construction and Roofing we have serviced the Aurora area for over 10 years. In Aurora, we have done roofing, painting, gutters, stucco, and windows. We have had numerous homeowners in Aurora that are satisfied with the work we have provided. Homeowners in Aurora keep coming back year after year and know we a local and honest company. Here at Monarch Construction and Roofing, we are YOUR neighbor.

At Monarch Construction and Roofing we have an in house team that works behind the scenes to make sure that your house gets done proficiently, accurately, the right away, and to your liking. Our roofing crews are top-notch, experienced professionals that have many years experience in roofing. They make sure that your roof is put on right and when the job is done they clean up their work area and surrounding areas of all debris. Our Project Managers are highly trained professionals who know how to work with your insurance the adjuster and YOU the homeowner. They go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your home. The project managers are skilled at identifying and showing you and your insurance when there is damage. They are equipped to handle your claim no matter what the cost. They too have been helping homeowners just like yourself in Aurora.

We, at Monarch, want you to know your house in Aurora will stand out above the rest. Just like the butterfly you will return to us, a neighbor, a trusted, local contractor year after year, time after time.

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