In Search of the Best Siding Products on the Market: Is Concrete Siding Worth Installing?

Siding Options

There is a growing number of Denver roof repair experts who continuously praise fiber cement siding – also known as concrete siding – and even consider it to be the best type of siding available on the market today. Relatively affordable, durable, fire-resistant and fashionable, fiber cement board siding will look great and last longer than usual regardless of where your house is located or what special qualities you might need for your siding:


  • This is one of the best types of siding that you can buy to protect your home against strong winds and high temperature differences. It’ll take just about everything that mother nature can throw at it, including hurricane level storms.
  • Fiber cement is made up of 90% non-flammable material. As a result, it’s no surprise that most manufacturers are able to produce genuine, high quality, Class A level fire-retardant concrete siding products.
  • If you’re worried that the siding you buy might succumb to rot and mildew, it’s important to consider the fact that fiber cement siding won’t present you with this problem. Unlike wood, fiber cement never rots, and as a result, its durability rating is also extremely high.


The remarkable style of fiber cement also leads many homeowners to use it as an original element in the design of their newly built homes. Fiber cement is literally a fashion statement in and of itself, and can easily compete with wood and metal siding when it comes to aesthetics.