Roofing Choices and Concerns: When Is It Time to Consider a Roof Replacement?

Budget For A New Roof

Roof replacement can be expensive, so it stands to reason that some of us would like nothing more than to postpone them as much as possible. However, even though this is a good idea in some cases – especially if you don’t have the money – an old roof cannot be patched up forever. Sometimes you have to consider that a new replacement is necessary. Here’s how to determine that fact:


  • Talk to your local Denver roofing company and ask them for a complete roofing inspection. That way you can determine whether a quick repair might still be possible, or whether even a partial replacement might be too expensive to be of any practical use, and a complete roof replacement is better.
  • How old is your roof, and what type of roof do you own? An asphalt shingle roof might last for up to 20-25 years if you take proper care of it, but a metal or clay roof could last for even 75 years. So don’t make a point to just replace your roof after 20-30 years no matter what.
  • Examine the roof yourself along with your budget. Do you want a brand new roof that looks better than your old one and features the best upgrades? If you can afford it, and your roof is already nearing its end, then chances are it’s better to replace it rather than wait until future storms make your roof unusable.