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Our Monarch Roofing staff can handle all of your residential roofing needs. From asphalt shingles to tile roofs, to stone coated steel roofs, to metal roofs, we have you covered.

Make sure that all valuable items are covered in your attic, as debris and sawdust will unavoidably fall from underneath your roof while we’re on it. Roof installations cause vibrations, so please remove pictures and loose items from the walls and protect your ceiling fixtures. Clear your driveway so that your new roofing material may be delivered and unloaded easily and out of the way of vehicles. Cover all outdoor furniture, fire pits, barbeque equipment, etc. For safety purposes, please keep all children and pets indoors during the roofing process.

Approximately 2 days before your roofing job is to begin, our production manager will be calling to set up delivery of your materials. Most of the time materials are delivered on your roof, less frequently they will be delivered on the ground.

Our expert roofers will arrive at your home and begin the installation of your new roof. Most residential roofing projects take between one and two days. Please keep in mind, this is now a construction site.

Monarch Roofing understands that cleanliness is a big part of why you chose us. Monarch will clean up as the project is happening and the majority of the cleaning will happen as soon as the project is complete. After all, debris is removed we will then do a thorough magnetic sweep catching all sharp metal objects that may be hidden.

Have peace of mind knowing your new roof is fully warranted by Monarch’s above industry-standard five-year warranty.

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