Important Re-Roofing Concerns: Why Do Roofers Install Flashing on Your Roof?

Roof Installation with Flashing

If you hire a recommended Denver roofing company for a complete roof installation, they will pay special attention to the problem of installing quality roof flashing. Some might even recommend that you spend more on flashing, even if they’re fine with the idea of buying the cheapest asphalt shingle roofing products.


Now, there are a few good reasons for that, and it has to do with the crucial role that flashing plays when it comes to protecting your roof, underlayment and home interior.


Flashing works through continuous sheets of metal or other waterproof materials that are placed along vulnerable areas of your roof to prevent them from allowing water through. These sheets are based on the principle that water can sometimes work against the force of gravity when the winds are strong enough. When that happens, the quality of the flashing and sealant used on your roof is the key to preventing long term water damage.


The difference between cheaper, less durable flashing and a highly resilient material such as copper is that the latter can be perfectly adjusted to the requirements of your home, and it won’t be easily damaged or removed by strong winds, hail and other damaging elements. Copper flashing can keep your roof looking great for a much longer time, and it will effectively prevent damage to your decking and attic without a highly expensive roofing shingle material such as clay or slate.