Ideas for Landscaping That Works with Dogs

Yards Prepared For Dogs

If you are the owner of a dog as well as the owner of a garden or a yard on your property, you probably know already that the two are not always compatible. Dogs are wonderful, cute, loving and lively creatures, but when you let them out in the yard, they might decide that there is something of great importance to dig out from underneath your favorite shrub and dog urine can cause irreparable damage to your lawn. However, landscaping with your dog’s habit in mind is not impossible – here are some tips for you:

  • Use the right type of lawn – some grass varieties resist paw traffic and frequent urination better than others, so try to find the variety that thrives well in your area and is also dog-resistant;
  • Replace some of your lawn with hardscape, such as stone or mulch and add some little stone gardens to the lawn-free area to preserve the attractive looks of your yard;
  • Build the right type of fence – fences are essential for preventing your dog from escaping, but many dogs just love to dig holes underneath the fence or to chew on wooden fence slabs. Dog-proof your fence by applying some wire mesh in L-shape along the fence base, use materials that are not attractive for those sharp teeth and make sure your fence is tall enough to prevent jumping over.


Landscapers who are great with landscape architecture Denver properties require, stay quite busy through the spring, summer and fall seasons, so it is best to get on their schedule prior to your start date.