Helpful Colorado Landscaping Tips for May – What to Consider for Your Garden and Lawn

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Landscaping in Colorado can be a problem if you don’t know much about the local climate. A lot of people think Colorado is has one of the most “normal” climates and weather patterns in the country, since it typically features all the seasons, and the winters are not much colder than the summer (or vice versa).


However, Colorado has a somewhat cool (depending on which area you live in), continental climate that is also very dry. The dryness is what you have to look out for when it comes to landscaping, since it can really mess with your ability to choose proper plants, flowers, trees and grass for your lawn.


Aside from looking up the best dry climate plants and  grasses, it’s also important to know how to manage them. For instance, you might find you have to dial down on water usage and water a little deeper than you’re used to. If you just moved to Colorado, and you owned a house in a place like Connecticut for a long time, then it can all feel a little counterintuitive at first.  Talking with wonderful landscapers Denver is home to, can really help you plant appropriately.


However, with time you’ll find that the dry weather actions you consider are well worth the effort. Your lawn will thrive and your garden might well come to be the talk of the entire neighborhood.