Is It Time to Remodel My Basement?

Basement Remodel Candidate

Basement remodeling is more than just adding a drywall to your basement space to separate the clutter and placing a bed and a lamp into the new “room”. Basements are useful, often undervalued spaces that can be transformed into an inviting and comfortable space – the project does require you to invest into building materials and probably into labor and furniture as well, but if the following benefits seem appealing to you, it is definitely time to start preparing for the renovation:

  • You need more space for toys – your basement can make an excellent playroom, much more comfortable than the small room you have created under the stairs, so if you are tired of tripping over toys all the time, it is time to start remodeling your basement. Make sure to hire Denver painters that have artistic abilities to make this room shine;
  • Your teenage child needs space to hang out with friends – a basement room is an excellent addition to your home that will give your teen child privacy and will allow you to keep an eye on your kid as well;
  • You need a home office – basements are usually quiet places that are excellent for focused work;
  • You want a gym – your basement can be transformed into exercise space that you can use whenever you have time or feel like it.

Roofing Choices and Concerns: When Is It Time to Consider a Roof Replacement?

Budget For A New Roof

Roof replacement can be expensive, so it stands to reason that some of us would like nothing more than to postpone them as much as possible. However, even though this is a good idea in some cases – especially if you don’t have the money – an old roof cannot be patched up forever. Sometimes you have to consider that a new replacement is necessary. Here’s how to determine that fact:


  • Talk to your local Denver roofing company and ask them for a complete roofing inspection. That way you can determine whether a quick repair might still be possible, or whether even a partial replacement might be too expensive to be of any practical use, and a complete roof replacement is better.
  • How old is your roof, and what type of roof do you own? An asphalt shingle roof might last for up to 20-25 years if you take proper care of it, but a metal or clay roof could last for even 75 years. So don’t make a point to just replace your roof after 20-30 years no matter what.
  • Examine the roof yourself along with your budget. Do you want a brand new roof that looks better than your old one and features the best upgrades? If you can afford it, and your roof is already nearing its end, then chances are it’s better to replace it rather than wait until future storms make your roof unusable.

Helpful Colorado Landscaping Tips for May – What to Consider for Your Garden and Lawn

Landscaping Services

Landscaping in Colorado can be a problem if you don’t know much about the local climate. A lot of people think Colorado is has one of the most “normal” climates and weather patterns in the country, since it typically features all the seasons, and the winters are not much colder than the summer (or vice versa).


However, Colorado has a somewhat cool (depending on which area you live in), continental climate that is also very dry. The dryness is what you have to look out for when it comes to landscaping, since it can really mess with your ability to choose proper plants, flowers, trees and grass for your lawn.


Aside from looking up the best dry climate plants and  grasses, it’s also important to know how to manage them. For instance, you might find you have to dial down on water usage and water a little deeper than you’re used to. If you just moved to Colorado, and you owned a house in a place like Connecticut for a long time, then it can all feel a little counterintuitive at first.  Talking with wonderful landscapers Denver is home to, can really help you plant appropriately.


However, with time you’ll find that the dry weather actions you consider are well worth the effort. Your lawn will thrive and your garden might well come to be the talk of the entire neighborhood.

The Major Roof Issues to Investigate as Soon as You Buy a New Home

Home and Roof Inspection

Whether you’re buying your first ever home, or you’re switching houses for the 10th time in your life, checking to see if the new house you’re buying is in good shape is essential to a successful deal. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a house that doesn’t deliver the kind of experience that you want.


So, what are the main tasks you should keep in mind before making your decision on the purchase? Aside from checking the wiring, plumbing, bathrooms, amenities, interior remodeling options and energy-efficient construction of the home, you also have to consider checking the roof. Your roof has the role of protecting your entire home from damage and cols, and it has to receive special consideration as a result.


Inspecting the roof can be tricky, especially if the seller is reluctant to give you access. However, in most cases you’ll find sellers to be remarkably open when it comes to allowing their prospects to check just about anything in the home.  Have one of the respected roofing companies Denver has do a thorough inspection.


To make sure the roof is in good order, you have to first check the attic ventilation and make sure the area is isolated enough to not lose or gain random amounts of heat when you least expected. Additionally, broken, curled or missing shingles, damaged shakes or a damaged underlayment can cause a lot of problems. If you want to ensure that the roof will serve you well, it’s important to take a close look at all of these elements.

Does Your Home Have Hail Damage? Find Out and Call the Right Contractor

Hail Season Roof Repair

Roof repair can be a lot of work once you identified the problem. You have to know how to repair broken or curled shingles, get rid of damaged decking material and use an enhanced replacement, and figure out the best ways to use your resources sparingly, so you don’t have to work too hard or spend too much money.


The key, however, is to know how to inspect your roof in order to find all the problems the first time. Then, whether you use a DIY approach, or you call your friendly local contractors with experience roofing Denver homes, you will easily manage to take care of the problem without leaving anything for seconds.


So, what should you do first when it comes to identifying hail damage? Look for evidence that hail actually hit and damaged your roof. Are there any broken shingles, or have some of them fallen down because of the impact force? Do you have leaks as a result of damaged flashing?


Maybe you just need a basic patch job, but it can still be a challenge, and most experts will recommend that you first take a good look to see what exactly happened. If you’re not comfortable going up on the roof yourself or you simply don’t have time for it, then contact your local contractor, inform them of the (possible) problem, and allow them to inspect your roof and give you a free estimate.

Hot Tips for Inspecting Your Roof Before Colorado’s Storm Damage Season

Hot TIps

So, if you lived for more than a year in Colorado, you probably know that there is a time of the year when you can expect lots of storms, including hail storms, which can be severely crippling when it comes to roofing integrity. How do you defend against these seemingly unbeatable forces of nature? By mindfully and carefully inspecting, preparing and enhancing your roof ahead of time.


If you own a basic asphalt shingle roof, you might find yourself in a lot of difficulty, especially if it’s already quite old. Also, replacing it might not be a practical choice, since a new roof is costly, and it would take a long time to install.


The next best thing is to inspect your roof for damage and weak points ahead of time, recognize and mark them, and then either get to work repairing and improving them yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.


For a successful experience in inspecting your roof, make sure you use a sturdy ladder and choose areas of the roof where you have the best possible visibility. Check for broken shingles and damaged flashing, and look closer to find loose shakes or shingles that might also constitute a problem if they’re hit by a storm.


You might also want to check your attic for leaks and other signs that your roof isn’t doing its job properly – such as improper ventilation. All these signs will tell you what you have to take care of before Colorado’s storm damage season, and it’ll help you know whether or not you have to call a professional at to do the job for you.

Get Your Roof Looking Brand New: How to Choose the Perfect Shingles for Your Home

Different Types of Roofing Shingles

Replacing your roof with new roofing shingles is certainly a great solution that should make it to your spring remodeling checklist. An old roof is not only unsightly, but it can cause a lot of problems later on, possibly even leading to wall damage. You can avoid that by taking the steps to find the best replacement shingles for your home:


  • Start by looking for reliable local contractors online. How willing are they to provide you with quick support, a roof inspection and a written estimate? That should be your first clue as to their dependability
  • What is the climate you live in? Roofing often depends on the local climate, as some types of shingles are better reserved for warmer climates while others perform better when it comes to insulating your home against the cold.
  • What are your budget options? Asphalt and composite shingles are some of the cheapest materials, along with certain types of metal. However, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, you can also consider clay and slate shingles.
  • Finally, consider which type of shingle features your preferred texture and color options. You might be interested in a wood-like texture, in which case slate can be one of your best choices. Alternatively, a smoother and more unique finish can be obtained with metal or clay.  Getting the help from a knowledgeable Denver roofing company can help get you on the right track.

The Main Questions You Should Ask Your Roofing Experts Before Hiring Them for Repairs

Ask The Important Questions

Fixing your roof is not always easy. However, with the help of a reliable team of Denver roofers skilled in their profession, the job should be done in no time at all. Following are a few of the main questions and tips you should consider before hiring a new roofing contractor for roof repair work:

  • How much will the project cost? Although it’s not always a good idea to go straight to asking about the price, you have to first and foremost make sure that you can afford the new repairs and that they won’t be more expensive than completely replacing your existing roof.
  • What will the process involve? So, if you don’t know much about roof repair, and the only thing you notice is that your roof is leaking, you have to get informed. Will the work require a more extensive approach to repair, or will it only involve a few replaced shingles or shakes?
  • What are some of the best alternatives to your existing roofing material, if repairs won’t cut it and you have to replace? If you used to have affordable asphalt shingles, it’s a good idea to look for other, more durable and long-lasting alternatives. Consider a metal or slate roof. If you’re no a budget, composite roofing is also an option.


Ultimately, all the tips presented above should be taken only as recommendations. The most important thing is to ask your roofers for advice on your repairs or replacement tasks, and inquire about additional advice they may have.

How Much Does Repainting Your Home Cost, and Is It Really Worth It?

When it comes to selling your home, there are many measures you can take to make sure that potential buyers will be interested. You can have one of the skilled roofing companies Denver has repair your roof, install new siding, do some interior remodeling, buy new furniture and set up brand new LED lights on the front porch. However, repainting your home might be one of the most inspired choices you’d make.

Getting Home Ready To Sell

The most obvious benefit of repainting your home is the fact that it’ll improve curb appeal and make your home stand out. A real estate property that looks new will get a lot more leads than one that has had its paint worn off over the years.


New types of paint will prove to be far more resilient than the material that was used to add the original coat of paint to your house. This means that, even if your old paint still looks smart, it won’t for long, whereas repainting your home will keep it looking beautiful for many years to come.


Finally, there’s a lot to be said about the cost of repainting versus the advantage of selling your home at a greater price. The cost of painting a home, according to national statistics, is between about $1,700 and $3,600. Considering that the added amount you might get above your home’s original price could be tens of thousands of dollars higher, investing in repainting your home is definitely worth the cost.

The Safety, Comfort and Curb Appeal of Installing Quality Outdoor Lighting

Installing Outdoor Lighting Makes A Difference

Experts will often guide you to the installation of outdoor lighting fixtures, not just to improve your home’s appearance, but also for more practical purposes. Outdoor lights can help make your home safer and your garden more secure at night. Moreover, it will play a major role in the way you use your outdoor areas, such as your patio, outdoor kitchen and walkways.


Even if you only have a smaller garden, installing outdoor lighting can help make your home safer by lighting up the immediate vicinity. Possible burglars and intruders will think twice before attacking your home, especially if you use a more advanced set of lighting fixtures that are also equipped with movement detection sensors. After you install your lights, they will essentially light up whenever someone draws close, which can also help save a lot of money on your electricity bill.


With no shadows to provide cover, intruders will be discouraged from even getting close to your home. As such, inviting people over and having some fun family time in the evening will be much more fun and less of a risk.


Finally, curb appeal is an important part of why an exterior remodeling job might be required, experts roofing Denver homes can help. If you also add exterior lighting to your project, it will prove to make your home look much better, raising its value in the event that you’ll want to sell it in the near future.