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Just as each Monarch butterfly has its own unique pattern on its wings, we believe buildings tell stories and that they represent the people behind them. Where does your roof fit into the story?

Yes, you’re dressed to impress, but is your property? Show those you serve that you not only care about them, but you also care about the integrity of your business.

Make sure that all-important office areas and equipment are covered near the work area, as debris and sawdust do fall from underneath the roof while it’s being worked on. Roof work can cause vibration and noise. As a precaution, please remove any loose items from walls, such as pictures or boards, and protect any ceiling fixtures. If at all possible, it may be beneficial to temporarily move employees who would be disrupted by the project, as the noise may interfere with their work. Mark any restrictions having to do with the parking lot or specific building exits which may have restricted access as a result of the project. For everyone’s safety, please inform all affected individuals in the building, prior to the beginning of the project, to eliminate any confusion.

Approximately 2 days before your roofing job, the material will be delivered to the location and is usually loaded directly onto the roof. Because of restrictions such as power lines or trees, the material may need to be unloaded in the parking lot. If this is required, please secure a specific area for the material and advise us of the new location arrangements so that we may update our delivery instructions. Because this material does take up space, we will do our best to be sure this space is out of the way and does not disrupt the day-to-day operations of the parking lot.

On the scheduled project date, our expert roofers will arrive at your building and begin the installation process! We recommend your main contact person be on location while we are working, although this is not a requirement. Having a contact person available will help to eliminate any confusion as well as quickly resolve any issues which might arise. In the event a contact person is not available on the premises, we will do our best to communicate as needed, and to complete your roof on schedule!

We clean as we go, but once we are done we will go over the area again to make sure all cleaning is complete on the roof and parking lot. We will also go through the area with a nail magnet to pick up any leftover debris. If you need assistance in moving back any items moved as a result of the roofing project, we are happy to help with taking these items back to their original locations. Aside from a new roof, you should not be able to tell we were there. That’s our goal during the cleaning process!

During the months following your experience with us, there may be shingle granules being washed out through the gutters during rain or snow storms – this is completely normal. Now you can relax, knowing your project is complete and your business is now safer with a new roof!

Time Means Money

We understand the importance of business, which is why yours is our priority. Roofing projects can cause some inconvenience by nature, and as part of our quality promise to you, we work hard to minimize any and all disruptions during projects. Time means money, which means our goal is to keep your business or commercial property running smoothly during the time we work together.

Variety is Our Specialty

Our commercial roofing team has the experience and skills to take on any type of project, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Office Buildings
Add to the building’s aesthetic features and choose from a variety of commercial roofing materials:
  • Single Ply
  • Build-Up
  • Composition Shingles
  • Coating & Foam
  • Metal


Protect Your Future

When the unexpected happens, you can count on Monarch to help keep your business safe and secure.  Your roof not only adds to your business, it protects it. Our full service insurance claims specialists will walk you through the process so you know you are getting everything you deserve. We are professionals just like you, and understand the importance of doing what’s best for the company. We will work with you to install or repair the roof you need so you can stay focused on what you do best. Through the process we will always stay true to our principles, because providing you with a roof you can be proud of is what we do best.

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Denver commercial roofing projects.


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