Colorado Real Estate Trends – How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Home in Colorado?

Colorado real estate is in constant transformation as homeowners are shifting more toward buying affordable housing near the outskirts, rather than opt for the luxurious option of living in or around the center of a city like Denver or Colorado Springs. Whether you rent or buy in Colorado, however, the cost may still be somewhat steep. Nevertheless, having some knowledge about the local real estate market and the changing trends may help you get a better deal on your dream home.

It is well-known that Colorado has been building new homes on a regular basis in recent years, focusing primarily on multi-family apartment buildings. Thousands of apartments have already been built, with many more on the way. As a result, the growing cost of apartments and condos in larger cities like Boulder or Denver have diminished to some extent. Renting is still a good option, which means many millennials trying to move to the city for better work are opting for this solution.  It does however increase a need for professional Landscapers in Denver communities year round.


However, when it comes to buying real estate, you might be better off choosing a smaller city that’s still close to one of the larger metropolitan areas. Pueblo is one of the best choices in this regard. Located just south of Colorado Springs, the average home value here is just 30% of the median home prices of $300k+ that you’d find in Denver, Lakewood or Fort Collins.


Colorado Springs itself is much less expensive to live in nowadays, with houses valued at an average of $235k, while cities like Aurora and Grand Junction are also great options if you want to find something both affordable and luxurious.