What Is the Best Type of Fire-Retardant Shingle Roofing Material on the Market?

Best Type of Roofing

If you just choose roofing shingles for their appearance and style, you might miss out on the practical benefits of some of the most resilient and well-designed roofing shingle products on the market. One of the major concerns here is fire-resistance, which is sorely lacking from the most stylish wooden roofs. If you want your roof to not only prevent damage from open flames but also protect your home from catching fire in a thunderstorm, fire-retardant metal roofing is the best.


What’s so special about metal roofing? First of all, copper and steel can withstand extremely high temperatures, and with added coating, the numbers can be further improved. Secondly, metal roofs are light and resilient, as well as easy to install. They are, therefore, one of the more practical choices when it comes to fire-retardant roofing shingles.


But what makes metal roofing stand out from any other – even proven Class A fire-retardant roofing products like clay and slate shingles – is its ability to conduct electricity. Essentially, with a metal roof, your contractors can use a ground strap to create an improvised Faraday cage that will effectively channel electricity into the ground while protecting your home’s most sensitive and flammable areas from catching fire during a thunderstorm.


According to skilled Denver roofers trained in metal roofing, such a roof can provide you with just about the best possible protection from fire and being electrocuted during a thunderstorm; and with metal roofs’ reputation as efficient heat insulators due to their special coatings and roof coverings, fire hazards are also at their lowest point during extremely dry and warm weather or even as a result of forest fires.