Best Neighborhoods Near Denver to Buy a House in a Welcoming Community

Buying a good house isn’t always a great deal, especially when it’s located in a bad neighborhood or someplace far away from your work and your children’s school. Fortunately, Denver has a lot of great neighborhoods and communities you can choose from, and selecting the right one is a simple matter of doing a little research and figuring out what works best for you.


One of the best communities you can consider is Parker. Although this has always been seen as a smaller suburban location in Denver, it is rapidly growing into a fully fledged small town. Jobs and schools are easy to find, most employees in the area commute to Denver without a problem, and best of all, you and your kids can safely enjoy a friendly community with lots of kids playing around the neighborhood, cheerful restaurants, good outdoor activities and exciting events.


Acres Green is one of the safest communities in the Denver metropolitan area, and the median household income here is well above average. There is virtually no crime rate, the community is great for families, and the houses you can buy here look and feel like some of the most beautiful luxury homes you can find.  The Denver painting companies have done a terrific job in keeping the homes looking great.


Finally, Louisville is a great place to buy a house simply because it’s one of the more peaceful suburban areas in Denver. It’s quite isolated from some of the more densely populated neighborhood, and the local community is among the friendliest. The special thing about Louisville is that it offers easy transportation to local businesses and schools, so you never have to worry about being late.