The Benefits of Stucco – One of the Most Durable, Aesthetically Pleasing and Valuable Home Improvement Materials

Stucco Exterior Is Very Durable

Stucco has been a popular wall finish for many years. While some might mistake it with drywall and other interior finishes, stucco is actually an exterior finish, and a highly appealing one at that. Considered to be one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing finishes that homeowners can consider for their homes, stucco has grown in popularity to a great extent in the past couple of years alone.


Contractors will usually advise you to use stucco solely for your home’s exterior. One of the most important benefits that stands as a reason behind that fact is that stucco is capable of outlasting wood and vinyl, and remarkably, it’s also more durable and resilient than brick.


You won’t have to put too much work into taking care of stucco exteriors when it comes to maintenance. Compared to siding, stucco doesn’t have to be constantly repaired or painted.


Finally, as a result of its growing popularity and the fact that experts have started to recommend it more and more, stucco has become somewhat of a fad. Because of that, its increase in market value has started to attract real estate investors and home buyers who are increasingly more willing to reach deep into their pockets in order to come up with a higher purchase price for a home with a stucco exterior.  If you are planning an exterior remodel, contact