Aiming for the Best and Most Practical Landscaping Designs for the Colorado Climate

Even though many would consider Colorado to be one of the more balanced states when it comes to climate and weather conditions all year round, this is actually a surprisingly challenging area to engage in successful landscaping. The real problem is that the region is exceedingly dry, and the temperature fluctuations make it difficult to grow plants and trees that won’t succumb to these changes. Fortunately, there are still a lot of things you can do to make Colorado landscaping work for you:


  1. Consider the possibility of using artificial grass in several if not all areas of your garden and grounds. You’ll be keeping your garden green all year round, and you can also save a lot of water in the process.
  2. Use low-water plants for coping with Colorado’s semi-arid environment, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and populating your garden with some of the most beautiful and surprisingly colorful flowers you can find. You will find that even a great Denver roofing company who cares about their landscaping water consumption, is usually great with their business as well.
  3. Use stones to create an artificial dry creek riverbed right under your patio or wooden walkways. The stones will create an aesthetic feel and blend in beautifully with any plants and herbs.
  4. You can also use sedges to make sure your garden stays green despite trying weather and temperature changes. Sedges are plants that grow naturally at the edge of wetlands, where the environment is constantly oscillating between dry and wet conditions.