Meet the Canvassers

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Josh VanLoan Canvasser at Monarch Roofing

Josh VanLoan


I have been with Monarch for 7 years now as a Marketing Representative. Monarch has been like a second family to me and has a wonderful work environment. I wouldn't want to be working anywhere else. I enjoy speaking with potential clients and helping them to get in contact with Monarch's sales team. I like to spend my off time with my family playing card and board games or etc., and if I am not with them then I am probably spending time with a quality book.

Dwight D-train Oden Canvasser at Monarch Roofing

Dwight Oden


I’ve been with Monarch Construction and Roofing for 6 years. I started out as a door to door canvasser. I am now a marketing representative that generates hundreds of leads for our salesman. I like the fact that Monarch is a big company that is local and family operated. The owner, Jon, is a very humble man. I love music and dancing. I am also a great chess player and cook.

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Just as a monarch butterfly returns to the same place every year, our goal is to have our customers return to the same trusted contractor — Monarch Construction — for their every project.